NCBD Thin Blade Slitter Scorer


Machine dimension (mm): (3800 - 4200) x 1700 x 2340
Blade (mm): Ø200 x 122 x 1.2 / Ø260 x 158 x 1.2
Blade & Scoring composed type: Four blades Six scorings / Five Blades Eight Scorings

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Design speed: 200 - 250 m/ min;
Memory of 999 order, non - stop changeover or manual change over can be realized;
Change over quickly, within 3 to 8 seconds. Application of two machines can realize non - speed reduction changeover;
Automatic synchronize with the corrugated line and can also get in line with manufacture management system. High compatibility
High quality imported industry computer and PLC equipped composing the CNC system;

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